Anti Terror Laws misused to hassle photographers

Anti Terror laws used to stop photographers

There was an interesting article on the Guardian web site on friday about police using the anti terror laws to prevent people taking photographs in public spaces. More evidence for keeping the powers of the state under tight control.

This follows a letter of guidance sent on the 4th December by the chief constable of the British transport police to the Association of Chief Police Officers in which he states that the anti terror legislation (known as Section 44) “gives officers no specific powers in relation to photography and there is no provision in law for the confiscation of equipment or the destruction of images, either digital or on film”.

A campaign group called I’m a photographer not a terrorist are planning a Mass Photo Gathering at 12 Noon on Saturday 23rd January 2010 in Trafalgar Square. There is a facebook event for this too.

It’s also interesting that, while we are theoretically free to take photographs in public spaces, more and more of our urban space is being privatised. Shopping centres, for example, are owned by private companies and so the owners can impose restrictions on the behaviour of the general public who visit the centres.

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