Obama blows reputation by cave in to U.S. Jewish lobby

Jewish lobby blocks progress

Jewish lobby blocks progress

To be a Palestinians must be to be very very cynical. When Barack Obama gained the presidency of the United States The Palestinians must have seen a glimmer of hope. Despite stupidly surrendering Jerusalem in a speech to AIPAC, Obama did appear to be less prone to automatic support of Israel. Indeed the Obama government demanded that Israel stop all building on Palestinian land prior to negotiations recommencing.

Of course we do not know what pressure Obama is under but I cannot say that I am surprised that he has caved in to the American Jewish lobby. The news media is reporting that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has just visited the middle east and backed down on the demands that Israel should stop building.

Think about that.

The Palestinians are driven from much of their land to create the state of Israel. Irrespective of the Jews historic claims to the land this was their home. They had a historic claim too. The Palestinians are damned as terrorists when they resist. They rise up in an Intifada and are brutally suppressed. They are forced to live as second class citizens in their own land while Israel builds modern settlement for fundamentalists Jews on the remaining part of the land allocated by the U.N.



Israeli settlement

Now they are told that they must negotiate even while Israel continues to consolidate it’s land grab and settle more religious fundamentalist on Palestinians land. This is obscene!


What nation would agree to negotiate while their opponents continue their aggression?

It is the settlements activity that gives the lie to the Israeli claims to be the victim in this conflict. It is the settlements that show that Israel support fundamentalist religion lunatics just as much as Hamas. The United States has been a solid friend of Israel over the years and ending settlement activity now would go some small way to returning this friendship as it would allow the United Statesto claim a symbolic success in it’s leadership of the peace process. But Israel gives nothing to anybody.

The Jewish lobby in America is misguided and, by it’s mindless and amoral support of settlement activity, is standing in the way of a resolution of this conflict. Obama’s reputation in the Muslim world must have rested  on whether he can stop the  settlement activity and it looks like he can’t. Israel has had everything it wants for  so long that it is now like a spoilt child who simply throws a tantrum whenever it is opposed. It’s time that Israel grew up and The United States Jewish lobby realised that supporting Israel doesn’t have to mean supporting settlements.