on the way home

north lanes at night

on the way home

I went for dinner at a friend’s place on Saturday night. We ate a Spaghetti Carbonara and knocked back a couple of bottles of wine. Walking back through the North Lanes about 1am I thought that Brighton looked pretty good. All closed up but Christmas lights looking good. Gaggles of people weaving their way home.

On the corner by the The Wagon and Horses and The Mash Tun I stood and waited for a cab then realised I could do with a pint. Mrs Fitzherbert’s had stopped serving so I went to The Mash Tun. This is not a pub usually frequent. A bit young for the likes of me I’m afraid but needs must when the devil drives. The bar was clear and I obtained a plastic pint glass of Guinness.
As I stood supping, I looked around me and was pleased with what I saw. A lot of people in their 20s. Some dressed up but most not. Two people dancing on a table, another couple dancing by the bar. A pretty chilled out time of the evening. Not packed. I liked it. I have often liked the idea of a pub to stop off for a nightcap before going home and this was just right.

I finished my pint, flagged a cab and went home.

It crossed my mind that there are not many towns where you can get a drink at 1am. Not in England anyway.

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