Treating pedestrians like cattle in Brighton

Western Road and North Street

Western Road and North Street

They’ve been rejigging the road where Western Road meets North Street opposite Churchill Square in Brighton. They’ve opened up a bit of space for pedestrians as they round the corner and opened up the space for vehicle even more.

The trend in Brighton seems to be to fence in the pedestrians as much as possible and this is starting to bug me. It’s the same in the marina by the multi storey car park. The impetus seems to be to prevent pedestrians from crossing except on the crossings when the lights are green. I’m sure some self satisfied safety nerd is congratulating himself at the council but he should not be.

West Street and North Street

West Street and North Street

The effect is to crush everyone together so that we are forever queuing behind someone else. And if I want to cross from one corner to another I am forced to travel about four times the distance as I walk around the bloody railings. This would not be so bad if there were just one set of these railings but just 20 yards further down at the corner of West Street and North Street there are another set.

The attitude of Brighton council seems to be that vehicles come first and people second. We should check out some Scandi countries where they are starting to remove all “street furniture’ including traffic lights. This forces cars to travel slowly as pedestrians are free to wonder in front of them.

It’s better than being channeled around like cattle which seems to be what Brighton council have in mind for us.

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