On The Edge with Coolhead Luke

Coolhead Luke - On the Edge

Coolhead Luke - On the Edge

A friend of mine is now an author. An author! She’s even been interviewed! Why is she an author? Why can’t I be an author? Why can’t I be interviewed? – Well, obviously, because she got off her arse and wrote something.

Her name is Jennifer White and she lives in Massachusetts. She has just published her second book of poems and drawings in collaboration with her son Colin.

Jen writes the poems and Colin does the drawings (or draws the drawings as artists say). Ostensibly, the books are for kids but I think they’d go down well with people of any age.

The first book was named Coolhead Luke and the newly released book is On the Edge with Coolhead Luke.

The poems and drawings are zany, funny and sometimes educational. I present one below for your delectation. The drawing is of either Jen or Colin; I never can tell as they’re both very ugly.

Love At First Site

Love at First Sight

I’ve never been in love before
Until I walked inside this door

I found a silver panel there
Approaching it I had to stare

Inside was someone beautiful
I’ve never felt so strong a pull

And now to my sincere delight
It’s  love for me — love at first sight.

Good idea for a present with Christmas coming up!

2 thoughts on “On The Edge with Coolhead Luke

  1. Thanks so much for the link to my blog post about Jennifer and Colin. I just love the poems and the illustrations! And good luck to you with your writing. 🙂


  2. Ugly? Say what you will of me, but not Colin. As my daycare provider once commented, “Jennifer, your children are SO much more attractive than their parents!”

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