Elephant Bed

Walking through Brighton on Saturday I noticed that they had an exhibition on in Fabrica, the old church on Duke Street.

Elephant Bed

Elephant Bed

I had a quick wander around and was impressed. The artwork was named Elephant Bed by an American artist named John Grade. The blurb said that it had it’s birth in a fascination with the chalk and shale layer which underpins much of Brighton. This is composed of the fossilised remains of millions of microscopic beasties formed around 200 thousand years ago. His work imitated trumpet shaped marine algae known as coccolithophores.

Also I found a new shop on Trafalgar Street named Bellerophon. Wikipaedia tells us that Bellerophon was a mythological Greek hero and slayer of monsters whose greatest feat was killing the Chimera. Looks like it sells furniture.

And in George Mews there was a little jumble sale underway.



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