Kwabana Lindsay

I watched a TV program recently about a Frenchman named Phillipe Petit who walked a tight rope between the two towers of the World Trade Centre in New York. He did this in 1976 and did not tell the authorities he was going to do it. He just snuck up there and ran the tight rope over and did it.

A fantastic achievement and, one has to say, a far greater achievement than destroying the two towers.
However, part of me has to say that I’ve thought about this tight rope lark before and it seems to me that if you carry a horizontal pole that is long and droopy enough then your centre of gravity would lower to beneath the tight rope. Add to this that by raising either end one could counteract any tendency for one’s body to tip sideways.
I guess that’s only part of the story though.
One great thing about living in Brighton is that there is always something happening. Meandering around the town centre on Sunday I came across a guy named Kwabana Lindsay playing violin on a tight rope. OK the rope was not as high as the World Trade Centre but then he carried no pole.

Kwabana Lindsay

Kwabana Lindsay

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