Perseid meteor shower

On Tuesday the 11th August the BBC told me that the Persus meteor shower was occurring so about 10pm I nipped up toe Devils Dyke to get a better view. In my ignorance I had expected that I would be alone up there but I joined a train of cars trailing there way up the downs.

At the top there were plenty of people, fires were alight and bar-b-ques on the go. Some had tents and others just had camp beds under the starts. The sky was clear and we had a good view.

I hung around for about 45 minutes expecting to see a vague streak high up in the sky but when it came it was astonishing. A really bright and large fireball that seemed to whiz across the trees. Then later another. I’d taken a camera but had forgotten the adapter for my tripod and so my photography was limited.

I lay the camera on the ground and got this photo which appears to show a shooting star that I hadn’t noticed at the time.

I also got a fairly spooky looking photo of the moon and the grass.



Moon Over Devils Dyke

Moon Over Devils Dyke

One thought on “Perseid meteor shower

  1. wow very nice and beautiful photos , these photos are really unique and interesting so keep posting, best of luck to you .

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