Scientologists activity in Brighton

Stress - Scientology

Stress - Scientology

Amongst the post that came through my front door this week was what appeared at first glace to be some kind of local free newspaper, the lead story being “Two in three people suffer from STRESS at work”. I picked it up and carried it in doors.

Later when I got a chance to look at it I noticed that the supposed newspaper had no title and was in fact a four page advertisement for Dianetics. With photographs of office situations, stressed workers and happy smiling people it outlined the theory of Diantics and included an advert for a DVD for £10.50. The back page even had a cross word puzzle.

For readers not in the know Diantics is the theoretical basis for the church of Scientology. From everything I’ve seen on these people they appear to be a bunch of intolerant, totalitarian, bullying, obsessive, ignorant loonies.
As with most cults their supporters appear to suspend disbelief and when questioned merely chant the lines which they have been indoctrinated with. Scientologists are not the only group to behave in this way, I’ve seen it with Christians and Moslems too. What makes Scientology more dangerous is that they appear to have adopted deceit and bullying as tactics to increase their numbers.

Scientology - small print

Scientology - small print

It is quite telling that the Dianetics adverts pushed through my door this week mentions Scientology only once in tiny print along the bottom of the back page. Presumably this is for legal reasons.

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