Is Indian food as good as it used to be?

When I was a kid we rarely went to restaurants. It was a treat for special occasions. We’d eat at The Swan in Bishop’s Stortford. I recall that I ate chicken, chips and peas.

Meat Madras

Meat Madras

I remember my first Indian restaurant. I think it was what is now the Tandoori Cottage in Northgate End, Bishop’s Stortford. It served a delicious lamb tika starter and this along with lamb madras became my favourite dish.
I guess this must have been around 1978 and I was about 19 year old. I remember one time eating there and one of my friends went to the toilet and climbed out of the window. The twat thought that he was being daring and avoiding payment but he may as well have walked out of the front door. Either way he left us to pick up his bill.

Since then England has grown more prosperous and dining out has become a common activity. I recall much later eating in a Chinese restaurant which had arisen on the premises of The Swan. I recall that one guy I was with became so drunk he vomited into his dinner.

Later the Balti became popular and we all ate our curries from metal dishes.

However, I digress.

My point is that the food in Indian restaurants does not seem to be as good as it used to be. Now this could be because that as we age our taste buds degrade. It could be but I doubt it somehow. I cook for myself and can concoct a delicious curry when I have a mind to. Another possibility is that, as is rumoured, most Indian restaurants use pre made sauces which are cooked up in large batches while the meat is cooked with no spices at all. The two are combined to order which explains why you can get a lamb madras in 15 minutes.

I remember visiting an Indian restaurant in Brighton a few years ago which purported to take more care over it’s food and the food there did taste far better. I think the restaurant was along Ditchling Road but I’ve never been able to find it again. Perhaps it closed down.

So I’m now asking “Is Indian food, as served in English Indian restaurants, as good as it used to be?”

Can you suggest a good Indian restaurant?

 All votes and comments welcome.

2 thoughts on “Is Indian food as good as it used to be?

  1. Its very hard to tell: one of the by products of the racist hysteria about immigration, is that a lot of curry houses cant find qualified chefs: or staff willing to be abused for low wages: second generation asians have integrated enough with english culture to say screw you to 5 pounds a week plus tips.
    Spices tend to be the most expensive items: things like a cardammon seed (vital for decent pilau rice) are omitted: as is saffron.

  2. The taste of Indian restaurant takeaway Curry has definetly deteriated over the years and do you know why?????? Because of one invention that never existed in the Asian world, you ask yourself what the hell is it? I will tell you the blessed Blender,Food Proccesser,Liquidiser. What ever you want to call it. The old way of dissolving the Onons with the spices to form the sauce/gravy has gone. The easy method used by majority of restaurants these days saving time and money to the detriment of the taste is BLITZ it. Oh how very sad that is why the flavours of old has gone and it is not your aged tastebuds. Regards Curry Lovers get rid of the blenders.

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