Snow in London

Last night I drove up to London just after it started snowing. It took me about 3 hours rather than 1.5 to 2. The M25 was a blizzard, we were all crawling along completely unable to tell which lane we were in. Great fun.

Finally got to the hotel in Highbury about 10:30pm Sunday night. I’m doing a course in London this week and so staying up at the Foreign Mission which is located in a private road north of Highbury Corner. Aberdeen Park is a big wide road with few cars and as I turned in the snow was fresh and I slid around a bit before gliding to a gentle halt at the side of the road.

The mission was lovely and war as usual.

This morning I woke to find it had snowed even more overnight. AND IT HAD SETTLED. Which it rarely does in London. Emerging into daylight I was pleased to note that the great advantages of an Alpha Romeo GT 2.0 JTS is that it looks good before it snows and then after, when it’s covered in snow. This can’t be said for other cars that one could mention. – Note the courteous scraping of snow from the offside lower windscreen to allow easy viewing of my parking permit.

Alpha Romeo 2.0 JTS

Alpha Romeo 2.0 JTS


Alpha Romeo 2.0 JTS

Alpha Romeo 2.0 JTS

















I walked down to the tube and the train was jam packed. However, emerging at King’s Cross there was no traffic. No buses were running and it seemed that everyone had taken the day off work. So there were virtually no cars. There were very few people about. I walked through the streets and London had a fantastic winter wonderland feel to it. Very quiet, very few people or traffic. A few people throwing snow balls. Trees outlined with snow. Amazing. It’s the most snow we’ve had in London for 18 years. So say the BBC.

Bikes in snow

Bikes in snow

By lunch time we had heard that the congestion charge had was being waived for today. A lot of good to tell us now. I could have driven in and parked outside the office! On the way home on the tube I heard that “due to the conditions” the central line was closed.
Typical bloody England. Even trains protected by tunnels hidden safely deep underground get affected by snow. “The wrong sort fo snow” jokes going around.

Still snowing when I got back to the Mission and with luck we’ll get a ton more.

Of course being a cynic I full acknowledge that by Friday London will be a ghastly mess with driving rain and dirt caked sludge covering every surface. Hospitals without power, the army on the streets and Gordon bloody Brown assuring us that his government will do “everything that can be done”. – Like what Gordon – “All alternatives are being examined” – Like what Gordon – “We will do whatever is necessary” – Yeh, but like what Gordon?

But in the mean time it’s quite nice.

London in snow

London in snow

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