Our bastards kill their innocents, their bastards kill our innocents

I recall a passage in one of Douglas Adam Hitchhikers books explaining why humans go to war. The basic idea is this: Someone insults or attacks someone who has something in common with you. eg a Nationality, a religion or a race. You then you have to pretend that they insulted or attacked you and retaliate. You don’t have to retaliate against the original perpetrator of the wrong but against someone else who has something in common with the perpetrator.



I’d like to add something. This is that the end result is that our bastards start killing innocent people and in retaliation their bastards start killing innocent people.

My Lai Massacre
My Lai Massacre

The people who died in Mumbai this week hadn’t attacked anyone. The people in the World Trade Centre hadn’t; the people in the Pakistani villages who get hit by rockets haven’t; the people in the village of My Lai hadn’t; the people on the London underground hadn’t; the people on Spanish trains hadn’t; the people at weddings hit by missiles in Iraq hadn’t; the aid workers taken hostage in Iraq hadn’t.

It’s not about what religion you are. It’s not about what nationality you are. It’s not about who you voted for or the colour of your skin or whether you’re a communist or a capitalist.
It’s whether you’re a bastard or not.

My message to anyone who’s thinking of killing some poor innocent in retaliation for a previous wrong:

They’re not the bastard, you are!

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