If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear

The current Labour government is brimming with bright ideas to increases state control and erode personal freedom. A few of these ideas are listed below.

· Identity cards
· Satellite tracking of cars
· Mass interception of Emails
· Presumed consent to remove organs for transplantation from the bodies of those dieing suddenly
· Holding people for 48 days without charge
· Rappidly expanding DNA database and goal of keeping DNA records for whole population
· Ubiquitous CCCTV that is now being rigged to shout instructions at you

When people argue against these type of laws they are usually told: “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear”.

This is an erroneous argument as it assumes that the state and it’s representatives will carry out their duties perfectly. It assumes that no bureaucrat will ever make a mistake, no corruption exists and no policeman are over zealous. It is an argument used by people who have no imagination.

Here’s an example of the state in action:

Or consider Harry Stanley who was shot in the head after police mistook the table leg he was carrying in a bag for a sawn-off shotgun.

If anyone knows of any others please feel free to add them.

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