Gordon Brown Angry? – I’m bloody livid!

Gordon Brown has said that he is angry with the U.S. Banks as they had taken risks that he knew anything about.

Mr. Brown may not have noticed but the British public knew that it was possible to get a mortgage by lying about their income. We knew we could get a mortgage for 120% of the value of our property. We knew that thousands of companies were sending unsolicited loan approval letters through the post. We knew that our credit card companies kept sending us unsolicited cheques to cash. The traders in The City were dealing the new derivatives so they knew. Any reader of The Economist knew that an asset price bubble was forming affecting housing and stocks.

It seems the only man in the UK who did not know what was going on was the man who was paid to know.

He’s angry? I’m livid that this bloody know nothing is now Prime Minister.


But don’t stop there! Sign the Downing Street petition: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/please-go/

2 thoughts on “Gordon Brown Angry? – I’m bloody livid!

  1. It’s worse than that. Not only does he talk “bollocks” but he has demonstrated total, utter incompetence in all he has done either in his current PM role or as chancellor under that fellow wanker Blair.

    The fact is he is an asshole in the true sense of the word. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a pile of shite!

    He should be pilloried for what he has done to the UK.

  2. Gordon Brown is an asshole of the highest order! The whole country has gone down the pan because of his arrogance and ignorance. Hundreds of our troop killed in Iraq and Afghanistan because of his ego – Thousands of businesses failing because of higher fuel duty ( more expensive fuel = more expensive good and services so people buy less, then firms go bust)

    Gordon Brown and his fellow politicians are just a bunch of thieving criminals that line their own pockets at the expense of the tax payer! BASTARDS!

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