If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear

The current Labour government is brimming with bright ideas to increases state control and erode personal freedom. A few of these ideas are listed below.

· Identity cards
· Satellite tracking of cars
· Mass interception of Emails
· Presumed consent to remove organs for transplantation from the bodies of those dieing suddenly
· Holding people for 48 days without charge
· Rappidly expanding DNA database and goal of keeping DNA records for whole population
· Ubiquitous CCCTV that is now being rigged to shout instructions at you

When people argue against these type of laws they are usually told: “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear”.

This is an erroneous argument as it assumes that the state and it’s representatives will carry out their duties perfectly. It assumes that no bureaucrat will ever make a mistake, no corruption exists and no policeman are over zealous. It is an argument used by people who have no imagination.

Here’s an example of the state in action:

Or consider Harry Stanley who was shot in the head after police mistook the table leg he was carrying in a bag for a sawn-off shotgun.

If anyone knows of any others please feel free to add them.

Erich Jacobson thinks Thai protest “cock-a-mamy”

This is Erich Jacobson, a “stranded passenger” at Bangkok airport during their protest on 26th November 2008. Mr. Jacobson says: “Tomorrow is a real big Holiday in the states, and many people will miss it because of some cock-a-mamy little protest that you’ve got going”

So it seems that democracy, freedom and politiccal issues aren’t important when pin head Jacobson gets hungry. An excellent example of someone TALKING BOLLOCKS!

Mr. Jacobson little experiment in adventure travel has failed and he should go to Disney World again next year.

Donating money to Israeli/Palestine – U.S. Bias

No side in the Israeli conflict is without blame but I am continually irritated by crass bias of the United States in favour of Israel.

Some thought to consider: 

· Palestinian militants kill Israelis
· Israeli militants kill Palestinians

· Militant Palestinians want to throw the Jews out of the whole of Israel / Palestine and unite the area into one country
· Militant Jews want to throw the Palestinians out of the whole of Israel / Palestine and unite the area into one country

· In April 2006 Kadima won the Israeli general election
· In January 2007 Hamas won the Palestinian general election

· Hamas use ceasefires to rearm
· Israel uses ceasefires to rearm

· The leader of Kadima is recognised by the U.S. as the legitimate leader of Israel.
· The leader of Hams is branded as a terrorist by the U.S.

· United States citizens may donate money to Israeli charities and this is tax deductible
· United States citizens may be prosecuted if they donate money to Hamas


Wipe off the map?

Wipe off the map?

Colgate Palmolive show contempt for their customers

Palmolive soft and gentle deoderant - promo picture

Palmolive soft and gentle deoderant - promo picture

I’ve noticed how the containers of deodorant have got smaller and smaller over the years.

To the right is a promotional picture for Palmolive Soft and Gentle which I found on the web.

It’s bad enough that they charge so much for tiny amounts but now they’ve started selling it in containers that have already been squeezed! Here’s a photos I took of their product.

Palmolve soft and gentle - Pre squeezed container

Palmolve soft and gentle - Pre squeezed container

Nobody would buy a pre squeezed tube of toothepaste so why do we buy pre squeezed deoderant containers?

Will Colgate sell toothpaste in tubes like this next?

Will Colgate sell toothpaste in tubes like this next?

It seems to me that Colgate Palmolive must have absolute contempt for their customers to sell their gunk in little rip off containers like this.  The Palmolive anti-perspirant above contains just 50ml of gunk and sells for around 97p in one large supermarket.

To put that in context that’s £19.40 per litre!

Petrol sells for only £1.00 per litre!


Gordon Brown Angry? – I’m bloody livid!

Gordon Brown has said that he is angry with the U.S. Banks as they had taken risks that he knew anything about.

Mr. Brown may not have noticed but the British public knew that it was possible to get a mortgage by lying about their income. We knew we could get a mortgage for 120% of the value of our property. We knew that thousands of companies were sending unsolicited loan approval letters through the post. We knew that our credit card companies kept sending us unsolicited cheques to cash. The traders in The City were dealing the new derivatives so they knew. Any reader of The Economist knew that an asset price bubble was forming affecting housing and stocks.

It seems the only man in the UK who did not know what was going on was the man who was paid to know.

He’s angry? I’m livid that this bloody know nothing is now Prime Minister.


But don’t stop there! Sign the Downing Street petition: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/please-go/

Ethnic minorities under represented in British parliament

The election of Barack Obama has started a debate in The UK about whether a black candidate could be elected here. This debate has also raised the question of representation of ethnic minorities in the British parliament.

For what it’s worth, I did a bit of research to try to figure out if the number of ethnic minority MPs in the House of Commons is representative of the population as a whole.

Unsurprisingly I do not have my own statistics and so I searched the web and found ethnic Population statistics for the UK from 2001 on http://www.statistics.gov.uk here  and an ethnic breakdown of the British Parliament from 2005 on parliament.uk  here

My research showed that ethnic minorities are under represented. I have tabulated the results below.


Ethnic group








































Other Sian





All Asian or Asian British










Black Caribbean





Black African





Black other





All Black or Black British




















Other Ethnic groups










All minority ethnic population










All population






Yet more Israeli settlements!

New Israeli settlement

New Israeli settlement

Here is a map published in The Economist in October 2008 showing the new Israeli settlements in The West Bank. Israel always claims that it is a small state being victimized by terrorists but maps like these show the truth. Even during ceasefires Israel continues to expand settlements and build new settlements stealing yet more land from Palestinians. This is a racist policy akin to ethnic cleansing.

The world repeatedly tells Israel to stop but the settlement activity continues.