Peter Oborne is a windbag!

I just listened to The Radio 4 Debate From Hay on Radio 4.

A bunch of the great and the good talking about the UN, disaster and intervention.

Isn’t Peter Oborne a windbag!

His main theme seemed to be that the UN should be ashamed of itself for the state of the world. The ex UN man kept pointing out that the UN is merely an amalgamation of sovereign states and has no army or money of it’s own yet Oborne seemed to think that the beaurocrats at the UN should take on the task of invading Zimbabwe on their own.

Seems to me that Oborne likes the sound of his own voice and indeed he has one of those tedious resonant voices that work so well at whipping up audiences. At Hay he was applauded as he fervently apportioned blame everyone but himself though I’d bet that if you asked the audience what they’d just applauded they’d be incapable of answering.

A brief reference to Wikipedia reveals Mr. Oborne is political columnist at The Daily Mail.

No surprises there then.