Crying monks disrupt China’s Tibet media tour

What I find idiotic about the Chinese is that they trot out bare faced lies and seem surprised that nobody believes them.For example a story in the Daily Telegraph reported that when the Chinese allowed Western journalists into Tibet again recently some monks protested to the press.

The monks shouted “Tibet is not free! Tibet is not free!” and another said that he wanted The Dalai Lama to return to Tibet”

The response from the Chinese was “They always tell lies to foreign reporters” and the official went on to say: “I would like to stress that, including the monks, the people of various ethnic groups in Tibet are resolutely safeguarding the national unity and oppose separatist activities.”


The Tibetans claim they want to be free of China and the Chinese claim that everyone on Tibet wants to be part of China. Who are we to believe, the people themselves or some pen pushing bureaucrat who is part of the oppressive establishment which the Tibetans are complaining about?

The Chinese seem flabbergasted that anyone would not believe their bullshit. I guess what this shows is the oppressive totalitarianism of the Chinese regime.If they really believed that the people in Tibet “oppose separatist activities”  then why not have an election. That way they could legitimise their rule and silence their critics.

Full story:


Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls

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