Secret council tax database penalises homes with a view

Government Information SecurityThe Daily Telegraph reported today on a “secret council tax database” which would hold information on whether your home has a nice view or whether you have off street car parking.

Yet Ministers’ claim that the revaluationErich PicklesErich Picklesn of homes in England for Council Tax purposes had been postponed. Postponed while they collect yet more information on citizens to be stored in yet another database to be lost by the same civil service who lost your bank details.

MPs seem to love to collect information about us but you Will recall that they consider that they should be except from the Freedom of Information act.

The Telegraph quotes Eric Pickles, the Conservative local government spokesman as saying:

“Every home is being sized up, and every home improvement or sign of a nice neighbourhood is slowly being photographed, catalogued and taxed by Gordon Brown’s inspectors.”

The Labour party seem bent on micromanaging every aspect of our lives.

 Full article

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