Israeli wall in Palestine

Israeli wall in Palestine

Israeli wall in Palestine

I found this map on the net showing where the Israelis are building their wall.

I’d heard that it was inside the Palestinian territory but I hadn’t appreciated by how much.

I don’t understand Israel’s long term strategy. It seems to be to settle the Palestinian areas with extremist Jews and to wall in the Palestinians in ghettos.

This is a recipe for continued conflict.







.Israeli wall in Palestine

Map found at:

5 thoughts on “Israeli wall in Palestine

  1. If attrocities happen out of sight then people can accept then more easily>the long term strategy is by behaving in the most monstrous way possible attention is drawn away from basic facts—that the land was stolen–people recieved no compensation–their leaders are in prison or assassinated– Israel allows torture and of course has nuclear weapons—perhaps the Americans should invade

  2. Yes I agree.
    By continually performing more acts of an aggressive nature Israel takes the spotlight off the big crime of the original land grab. – Good point.

  3. How far are we going back on the land grab to decide who is the aggressor?

    I can definitely confirm that there isn’t any wall anywhere near the Dead Sea or along the River Jordan.

  4. Yeh, understand the argument about how far back we go.
    That is exactly why we must condemn Israel. Because Israel is grabbing land NOW.
    You can’t always redress the sins of the past but you can protest what is happening before our eyes.

    e.g. “Israeli PM orders 300 new homes at West Bank settlement”, 6 June 2012

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