Lord Goldsmith is an idiot

Here he is, yet another idiot leader of The United Kingdom. We have hundreds of them.

He was on BBC Radio 4 this morning being interviewed by John Humphrys. Lord G has authored a report into ways that we can all be made more British with an eye on Johnny immigrant of course. One of his wheezes is to have teenage school kids swear their allegiance to The Queen.

Lord G. was asked if he didn’t think this was a bit un-British?

– No he didn’t think so.

Did he think that perhaps Northern Irish, Scottish or republicans might object to taking the oath?

– No he didn’t think so.

He was asked again, “What swear allegiance to the very things they object to?”

– “No, I don’t see why they shouldn’t”

The guy is completely out of touch and obviously……


Then again his other idea shows more promise: a bank holiday. This shows him to be completely in tune with Britishness. Give us a day off guvnor and we’ll vote for whatever you wants. Give us a week off and we’ll wear bowler hats and eat blimmin’ fish and chips every day. Give us a month off and we’ll sing God Save The Queen every night before the TV goes off.

We’re bone idle, we’re British and we’re proud. God save The Queen ya lordship.

Also check out “Gordon is a Moron”


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