Eurocrats show contempt for the Queen Mother

I have been trawling through some old articles. This was from a newspaper around the time that The Queen Mother died:

Staff at the European Commission continued to chatter jovially while Great Britain observed a minute’s silence for the Queen Mother’s funeral yesterday.

Though Sir Bernard was rebuffed when he asked that British staff be allowed to stop work for one minute at 11:30 loyal Brits down tools anyway. Sir Bernard was ordered to attend a meeting on quotas all morning but refused to speak from 11:30 until 11:31.

“It was intolerable” said Sir Bernard, “At 11:31 and 5 seconds the French delegate deliberately asked me to comment on Mackerel but I maintained a dignified silence despite an Italian poking me and asking ‘has the cat got your tongue’”.

“The Queen Mother said that she could look the East End in the face when she risked her life in the Nazi blitz but we wonder whether these Eurocrats could look the Queen Mother in the face even if she is no longer with us.” said an outraged Sir Bernard.

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